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For Guequierre, raised in Whitewater, Wisconsin,Cheap NHL Jerseys, and now a spokesman for the Human Rights Campaign,Cheap NHL Jerseys China, it was a family affair. Treasured season tickets for the Green Bay Packers were acquired by his grandfather,NFL Jerseys China, passed on to his father, and now are his. The cover photo of his Facebook page shows the towering statue of a Packers wide receiver.
NEW YORK (AP) — Years before Michael Sam was born,NFL Jerseys Supply, gay-rights activists Kate Kendell and Paul Guequierre were already die-hard National Football League fans.
Kendell,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, executive director of the National Center for Lesbian Rights,Adidas NHL Jerseys China, grew up in Ogden, Utah, far from any NFL city, and became a fan of the Los Angeles Rams because she's an Aries and liked their uniforms.

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