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Robb Street,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, Georgetown,Cheap Jerseys Wholesale, stated that the People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) will seek to provide subsidies for water and electricity rates for pensioners. Government,Cheap Adidas NHL Jerseys, he said,NFL Jerseys China, will also cater to the provision of school uniforms and school feeding programmes.Nandlall made these disclosures even

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– Accuses Govt. officials of racism The Ministry of Labour yesterday morning attracted some of the sacked Rusal workers, their friends and union leaders, each with placards in hands held high, depicting their disgust and anger with the way Government has responded to their pleas for help as it relates to their labour dispute with the Bauxite Company of Guyana Inc. (BGCI), (RUSAL).Approximately one year ago, BCGI issued suspension and dismissal letters to a majority of their workers who were involved in a strike. In the end, 57 of these were dismissed.The bauxite company had also notified the Labour Ministry that it had erratically terminated the Collective Labour Agreement (CLA) that it had signed previously, and in simple words, would no longer honour that agreement.Lincoln Lewis, Robert Corbin and Mark Benschop on the picket line for dismissed bauxite workers, yesterday.At the scene of the protest, Leader of the Opposition, Robert Corbin, M.P.,Wholesale NFL Jerseys China, was in the “forefront”. He told this newspaper that the Labour Ministry claims that it requires some more details and information concerning the 57 dismissed workers.The first thing, he said, was that the Labour Ministry requested the workers’ names.Corbin explained that the Guyana Bauxite and General Workers Union (GB&GWU) had stated that it had already sent the relevant information to the Ministry a very long time ago, that it was not a case where the Ministry was not given names and other facts.The opposition leader said that he told the GB&GWU that if the Ministry is “claiming that it does not have the information, then resend it, if that is what they are claiming is preventing their intervention in this matter.”Corbin stated that he had a pre-arranged meeting with the Minister of Labour, Mazoor Nadir, on Friday, last, to raise this issue which has been “prolonged” for more than one year. The Ministry does not appear to recognise the need to treat the issue with greater concern since it has failed to deal with the issue and there are laws which have been established to govern it.Corbin added that there is no evidence on Government’s part to show that they have done their job and that these “workers have a right to justice”.He said that he is going to do all he can to ensure that there is a resolution to the plight of these 57 workers, even though one year has already passed. He said that he has arranged with the Union to meet with the Chief Labour Officer today at 01:00 hrs.Mayor Hamilton Green simply stated that Government’s action in this issue is “a rape of the so called return to democracy.”General Secretary of the Guyana Trade Union Congress (GTUC), Lincoln Lewis, told the media that Government’s actions have “nothing to do with names”.He stated that the company took the decision to terminate the services of these workers. The company,Allen Iverson Jersey, Minister Nadir and the Chief Labour Officer have been written to on countless occasions but to no avail.Lewis told Kaieteur News that on one occasion last May, the Minister said that he would convene the necessary meeting but this is “clear rubbish” because the Ministry “doesn’t have the intention to resolve this.”Leslie Gonsalves of the GTUC declared,China Jerseys For Sale, “The Minister admitted that he has to take more direct approaches on this issue. He admitted that he didn’t take it as seriously as he should have.”Another protestor told this newspaper that Government is showing its true colours. Its actions show that it is “racist and this is economic genocide.”Winsworth Blair and Emilton McAlmont, two ex-workers of the company, told Kaieteur News that they joined the protest yesterday not because they were some of the 57 that were dismissed last year,Jerseys NFL Cheap, but they were dismissed last week, because they were also “fighting for their rights” at the bauxite company.According to Blair, he saw expired goods when he conducted inspections, he signed on documents with other persons that revealed his findings. There were expired coffee, butter (Mello Cream) and other tin items that could not be utilised and were dangerous to worker’s health.He disclosed that many workers often complain of belly pains and burnt stomachs and a few days ago one worker was discharged from the hospital after he underwent surgery.McAlmont explained that a letter sent from management of the company, read inter alia, “This letter is to inform you that the Company has lost confidence in you as an employee and can no longer have you continue in employment here at BCGI”. The letter was produced to this newspaper by McAlmont yesterday.He said he was verbally told that he “incites workers not to go to work”. The man stated that the food conditions at the camp are very atrocious and unhealthy and anytime a worker speaks for his rights it becomes a problem, either he is “knocked off” or he is victimised.McAlmont further stated that the General Manager says he “gets 100 per cent backing from the Minister”.Another protestor stated “The Russians say plain that anytime we talk for our rights,Amir Johnson Jersey, we getting sent home”.Wayne Coppin, another ex-worker, told this newspaper that the bauxite company “blacklists its workers and sends names to companies so if they go looking for other jobs, it is very hard”.He added that the General Manager said to over 80 workers that he “fought a lot of wars and never lost any, and didn’t come to Guyana to lose.”Some other ex-workers said that the company is now hiring employees on contractual terms, so it does not “have to pay NIS or taxes”. If workers get injured while working, it is at their expense and they have no medical benefits.Alfred Layne, an ex-worker, added that the working conditions at the company are hazardous and a few times when workers went to use the washroom facilities, there were snakes inside.General Secretary of the People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR), Oscar Clarke, Frederick Kissoon, Mark Benschop and Member of Parliament, Basil Williams were also present at yesterday’s protest.When Kaieteur News spoke with Minister Nadir last evening, he reassured that Government is currently engaged with both parties,Wholesale Jerseys China, talking with both the Company and the Union.

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By Ralph SeeramThere is an old saying, drugs “will either kill you or cure you”. I never paid much attention to that statement until recently when I discovered that there is some truth in that saying. By drugs I mean medicine and not illegal drugs. Growing up, our medicine was made up of only three items, castor oil, Epsom salts and senna pods. Those three were believed to be the “cure all “ for all ailments,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale, or so the old folks believed.None however killed anyone and the only side effects were constant visits to the toilet, or in the old days, the ‘latrine’.Growing up, I hardly recalled going to the doctor, even when I was well into my twenties’. The old folks had a “bush medicine” for every illness; you had a cough there was a “bush medicine”, same for fever, pains,Arian Foster Dolphins Jersey, cuts, sores and the list can go on.On my recent visit to New Amsterdam I observed one vendor still selling “bush medicine”. Going to the doctor was a last resort. Today it’s in reverse, especially here in North America where it’s all Western medicine,Cheap NFL Jerseys, by that I means it is all prescription drugs.Doctors here are given indirect incentives by big drug companies to promote or prescribe medications. If you are to believe the drug companies, herbal medicine and over the counter drugs are bad for you; only the prescription drugs are good.They however try to hide the fact that some of these medications have serious side effects that can either kill you or create another illness, as in the case of the love of my life,Cheap Jerseys Online, Chelsea, which I will explain later.Some years ago I was rushed to the emergency room about 4 am with abdominal pains. The first question the doctor asked me was what medication I was taking. After I disclosed the medication he said that was the cause of my pain. Turns out I had inflamed pancreas and spent two weeks in the hospital. Recently I went to my doctor for a persistent dry cough which the regular over the counter drugs failed to cure. As expected he prescribed some medications. One was an inhaler, the other a suspension.Remember I went for a cure for my cough, which was mainly a dry itchy throat. Glancing through the side effects, for the inhaler I learnt that it can cause among other ailments upper respiratory tract infection, throat irritation, hoarseness and voice changes, thrush in the mouth,China Jerseys NFL, headache, nausea and vomiting and yes,Wholesale Stitched Jerseys, cough. The other medicine was just as worse. Suffice to say it can cause a heart attack.On my return from Guyana I was anxious to see my love, the love of my life Chelsea. On lifting her I found she was lighter than usual. I proceeded to give her the usual massage, which she actually demands. During the massage I discovered she had a lump on her shoulder.Alarmed, I took her to the vet for an examination. He informed me it was possibly a cancerous tumor and that he will have to perform a surgery as early as possible. I soon discovered that surgery on a cat or any other animal for that matter is no different from that for human. The surgery bill was not different either. You had to pay for the surgery, the anesthesia, medicines, and other incidental expenses.On the appointed day for the surgery, as she was going into the operation room I could not help but shed some tears, knowing that it may be the last time I might see her alive. While it was not yet positive it was cancer, an x-ray had to be done to ascertain if it had spread to her lungs and other parts of the body(another bill) then the tumor had to be sent to a lab to determined what type of tumor( another bill).Well she had her surgery and spent the rest of the day in recovery, while I waited anxiously for a phone call on the operation. When the call came, the voice at the other end “I have good news and bad news”. “Give me the bad news first”, I said. The bad news was they suspect it was cancerous, the good news, they caught the tumour early.Later the lab reports confirmed that Chelsea had a cancerous tumor. She is recovering fine and will need a constant check to ensure it does not return. I ask the vet how she could develop cancer when I always ensured she got her regular check up and shots.What he told me made me very angry at drug companies. It turns out the shot she was receiving to prevent leukemia also had a side effect that caused cancer. Yes the medication that was supposed to prevent one form of cancer created another form of cancer. How ironic.Today Chelsea is back to her usual self demanding to be pampered, sleeps on the forbidden sofas and creates all sort of mischief. Someone asked me how I can spend so much money on a cat, to which I replied,”She’s not a cat, is part of the family, and more so, the love of my life.”Ralph Seeram can be reached at email: [email protected]